May 17, 2018 10:23 am | Published by


Nicky Alliance Centre member, Isaac Harris, has been awarded a High Sheriff’s Certificate at the age of 102.

Mr Gerry Yeung, the former High Sheriff of Greater Manchester met Isaac when he visited the Nicky last year and was so impressed with his enthusiasm, especially for his artwork that he decided that he would be a worthy recipient.  Mr Yeung, who retired from the post in April, said: “I was sad that Isaac was unable to attend the award ceremony in April that I decided to visit him at the Nicky Alliance Centre and hand over the certificate in front of his family and friends.”

Isaac is a regular attender at The Nicky and spends hours in the art room producing accurate  likenesses of people, including Royalty and celebrities.  Art tutor, Tracey Flasz, said: “We are all delighted at Isaac’s award. He is one of the most active members of our art group and he work never ceases to amaze.”

His citation states: “ Awarded to Isaac Harris in recognition of his zest for life, indomitable spirit and continuous enthusiasm for learning, He is an inspiration to all of us.”