The charity’s annual expenditure is approximately £650,000* It generates about £235,000* from Day Centre attendance fees, Local Authority grants [which have been drastically reduced], rents, room hire, and investment income. Therefore a further £415,000* has to be raised from the community.
* approximation

1 = Day Centre Attendance fees
2 = Local Authority grants
3 = Rents, Room Hire, Investment Income
4 = Balance to be raised

In order to achieve this, MJCC runs various fund raising activities:

Three yom tov appeals [Pesach, Rosh Hashana, and Channuka], an annual telethon, raffle, special events such as business breakfasts, guest speakers, Golf tournaments and Bridge tournaments.

The charity also applies for funding to Charitable Trusts and Foundations and other grant giving institutions. MJCC is particularly grateful to the Six Point Foundation for its support.

Another important source of revenue is legacies

Various corporate sponsors support the charity’s activities.

MJCC is grateful for the broad ranging support it receives.

Marvin Lewis supervises volunteers who distribute, empty and count the proceeds of MJCC’s collection boxes. There are currently 300 boxes in circulation in homes and businesses throughout the community. Approximately £5000 is raised annually through this activity.

If you would like to assist in MJCC’s fundraising efforts by organising an event, taking part in a sponsored sports activity, or helping out at an event, please contact Shelley Blackston, Fundraising Executive.