May 15, 2018 |

A former IDF operations officer, Rami Sherman, who played an important part in the Entebbe raid dropped into the Nicky Alliance Centre to meet the man who broke the story for the Sunday People.

Model Seder at The Nicky Alliance Centre

November 13, 2017 |

Over 150 members of The Nicky Alliance Centre, joined by volunteers and staff, enjoyed two model Seder services conducted over two days by Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag of the Whitefield Hebrew Congregation and the Centre’s chaplain and The Heaton Park Synagogue’s Rabbi Daniel Walker.

Ruach Fundraising for The Nicky Takes the Biscuit

November 13, 2017 |

Children of Ruach House at King David Primary School have raised nearly £500 for The Nicky Alliance Centre. Among the fundraising activities the youngsters bought biscuits, icing sugar and sweets and members of the school paid 50p each to decorate their own biscuits. “It proved to be a very popular activity,” said teacher, Mandy Gruber.

The Sheriffs Come to Town – Monday 13th February 2017

November 13, 2017 |

It’s considered an honour when a communal organisation has a visit from the High Sherriff and even more so when it’s a second visit at the High Sheriff’s very own request. When a High Sherriff from a neighbouring county joins the party too it can be said that the organisation is really held in high esteem.

Bag Packing at Morrisons

November 13, 2017 |

On Thursdy 9th February, a group of Nicky volunteers helped Morrison's shoppers pack their groceries and raised £460 for the Nicky Alliance Centre.