May 15, 2018 11:02 am | Published by

A former IDF operations officer, Rami Sherman, who played an important part in the Entebbe raid dropped into the Nicky Alliance Centre to meet the man who broke the story  for the Sunday People. 

 Roy Shinwell a former editor of the now defunct Jewish Gazette, was working as a sub-editor on the Manchester Evening News but on the night of the now famous military operation was staffing on the Sunday People.  Roy explained: “On 4th July 1976 I was working on the night shift and all the editorial staff had gone home, leaving only me and the editor.   As he was about to go, leaving me in charge, he said all was ready to go to press but there was just one story on the front page I could leave out and replace – but it had to be dynamite!”

 A message then came over the phone from the London office. A big story was on its way, and it was a ‘must’.  “I alerted the printers”, said Roy. “Then sheet by sheet it came from the wire room. As I edited my heart thrilled.  I knew that in the morning thousands would be reading it with admiration.  But for lovers of Israel it would be with joy.

 “Next for my headline. My truly epic headline. One that I had been privileged to be able to write – Israeli commandos rescue hostages at Entebbe.”

 Rami said: “I am delighted to have had the opportunity to meet Roy, also a former soldier, and hear how he felt as the story started to emerge.  It was also good to meet other members of The Nicky and see all the facilities.  On my next visit I will come and speak to the members about the Entebbe action.”